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Request Training

It is very important to have an experienced LP organizer and/or trainer assist you in the process of conducting your Listening Project. Before you do this, however, it is important that you go through the following steps:

  1. Learn about how a Listening Project works at: How It Works, Results, Steps, Time & Resources Needed and possibly the Resources Library or learn about Facilitated Group Listening .
  2. Read the Time and Resources requirements so you are clear that you are ready, organizationally, to conduct a Listening Project.
  3. Download the Request Training Form which enables you to begin the process of getting training assistance for your project.
  4. If you have questions after reading this material, you can contact us.

Our National Network of LP Trainers

These are trainers who have gone through our training for trainers program or who have been trained by other network trainers. RSVP will respond to training needs either in person or by referring you to one of our network trainers.


Fee and expense budgets for LP training and consultation will be determined by the particular needs and circumstances of your project and your trainer/organizer.

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