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How It Works

Community Listening Projects (CLP)

CLPs are a comprehensive listening, organizing and action process that can take grassroots organizing to new levels of skill and success. They are conducted by:grassroots community organizations, public and non-profit service agencies, faith-based organizations, and/or local government agencies

The CLP Process:

  1. Information, guidance and training for Community Listening Projects are provided by an experienced trainer.
  2. A project begins with months of project planning by the organization conducting the project. This includes development of goals, partnerships and many other resources for success.
  3. The next step is a weekend training session that prepares listening teams to conduct one-on-one deep listening interviews in their community. Deep listening is a practical adaptation of therapeutic listening and questioning skills. Interviewers are skilled, respectful and caring listeners, taking time to build trust and understanding so that interviewees can go deeper into their fears, hopes, needs, feelings and ideas.
  4. Deep listening interviews include often unheard or unheeded voices that can bring new perspectives to both problems and solutions.
  5. Interviews are processed and analyzed. This deepens understanding of community needs and problems, and it reveals new resources for successful community organizing and action including:
    • A better understanding of people’s concerns and priorities.
    • Common ground between individuals and groups with differing or opposing views.
    • New, creative grassroots solutions.
    • New leaders, organizers and activists, as well as a re-energized membership in the organizations that conducted the Listening Project.

If you have a possible project in mind, contact us at herbrsvp@gmail.com or call Herb Walters, Listening Project executive director at 828-675-4626.

Facilitated Group Listening

Facilitated Group Listening (FGL) is another communication and action program offered by Listening Project. FGL enables larger groups of people to come together at the same time, to address differences, commonalities, problems and solutions. It is structured so all participants agree to a contract that protects each person’s right to be heard and respected. Listening takes place in small groups that are guided by a trained facilitator.

FGL’s result in identification of problems, solutions and priorities for organizing and action. They are always part of a larger education and organizing effort. Depending on your goals FGL’s can stand alone or be a part of, or follow after a Listening Project.

Which Program Is Best For Your Organization?

Contact us and we will help you consider which program is most relevant to your needs. Then we can look at what level of consultation / training is needed and what the costs would be.

What Does it Cost to Get a Project Consultant / Trainer?

It varies depending on the needs of your project. Our goal is always to keep our costs as low as possible. We may also work with you on fundraising for your project.

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