How to Overcome Conflict in Society

How to Overcome Conflict in Society

How to Overcome Conflict in Society

We live on this earth, we certainly cannot be alone. Everyone needs help from others to be able to live together. Community life will certainly be felt by many people in this world.

Fellow people are more or less the same life and needs. Therefore, most people will certainly choose to live in peace so that there is no conflict in society.

How to Overcome Conflict in Society

Indeed, in social life it would be better to avoid existing conflicts with fellow human beings what else that person is the closest person.

If indeed you are having problems or disputes with other people, deal with it properly as below:

Gather Information

Make sure you collect various information about the source of the problem. Find out to various relatives about the conflict. Collect data on sources of conflicts and actual facts so they can be easily resolved. Community problems are not like family problems. Most people will override emotions rather than calming the heart and mind.

Have a discussion

It would be better if someone actually succumbed one of them from several parties. If it really cannot budge, there must be an intermediary who must be able to understand the meaning in both. Usually conflicts that occur in the community are only due to misunderstanding. There is no big problem if the conflict is resolved from the start.

Negotiation Process

If you are experiencing a social dispute, after passing the stages mentioned above, you can carry out the negotiation process with the person concerned. Negotiate what you want and he wants. Look for a way that benefits both parties. This method has become the most effective way to resolve conflicts that occur. making peace with an agreement would be better to live in the future.

Don’t be afraid to give advice or ideas in handling this conflict. Fellow people should be able to understand each other’s will. The hope that all societies want is not different, everyone wants to live in peace without interference. So if a conflict can be introspected, respectively.