Healthy Living in the Community

Healthy Living in the Community

Healthy Living in the Community

In this life everyone must live side by side in the community. Everyone will surely lead a neighborly life. No one chooses to stay far apart. Many benefits can be done in social life.

In social life is not arbitrary. Neighbors certainly have to respect and respect each other. Please help be the most important thing in social life.

Healthy Living in the Community

Apply various ways of community life that are good and right. Included in a healthy life is also important for life. Maybe some of you still don’t understand what is meant by healthy living. Here are the steps to a healthy life that you can do:

Share healthy food

Health is important to be able to undergo daily activities. Be diligent in eating fruits and vegetables so that you have strong endurance. As you know, vegetables or fruits have vitamin content needed by the human body. Apply sharing if you really have more food. This will be a true way of socializing.

Participate in

In social life there will definitely be various activities carried out. As an example the most common is community service. This activity was held to mutual cooperation of the community to clean the environment.


Since you live next door, you will meet often every day, so it would be better to be polite when greeting or talking. Joking is okay, but still on the limits so there is no offense.


Neighbors are not blood brothers, but you can think of as brothers so you can be more family. Please help can be done in a neighbor’s life.

Avoid Disputes

Indeed, not everyone has an attitude of tolerance in society. No need to bother, it would be better to budge. Avoid disputes so that no problem does not become big. Conflicts that occur will be better thought of the best middle ground of the problem.

Some of these are healthy living in a community that will make the environment more harmonious.